5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

5 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, so we've gathered up some of our favourite ideas for all the special women you will be celebrating on May 14th. These ideas are sweet, thoughtful and sure to make your mama feel extra special.

1. Framed Recipes

Does your mom or grandma have a favourite recipe? One that is shared amongst family, loved for years or symbolizes that special person who prepares it for your family get togethers. Consider finding that recipe and frame it!
We did this for our mom a few years ago. We found some of our grandma Doris' famous recipes, photocopied them and framed them for our mom. She loved seeing our grandma's (her mom's) writing proudly displayed in her kitchen.
It's a special way to honour someone who is either still here with you or someone you miss dearly.

2. Take a Class Together

There are so many wonderful classes/workshops offered by small businesses! You could take a calligraphy course, beginner's macrame class, fresh floral arranging or jewelry making. The possibilities are endless and what a fun way to hang out with mom while learning a new skill together! 

Photo Credit: Wren Studios @wrenstudios_

Photo Credit: Wren Studios @wrenstudios_

3. Go on a Road Trip

It doesn't have to be far and it t doesn't have to be expensive - take mom out on a fun road trip! Find out what your mom loves to do and then hit the open road with some iced coffees and good tunes! There are so many lovely greenhouses, coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants throughout Alberta (or wherever you are from). Map them out and enjoy a wonderful adventure together!

4. Virtual Wine Tasting

If you and your mama are into wine - consider booking a virtual wine tasting with my friend, Jennifer Valencia!

I met Jennifer through The Jilly Academy in 2021 and ever since then I have been fascinated by her knowledge of wine. She offers virtual wine tastings and I cannot wait to book one with her! What a fun night that would be! Show up at mom's house with a few bottles of wine and have Jennifer walk you through all the different varieties. Sounds like a stellar time to me!

You can contact Jennifer via her instagram: @jennval_winegal



5. Book a Photo Session

Moms love photos. We love capturing that moment in time with our families. Photos are priceless to us and when we get to be IN the photos, that makes them even more special. Consider booking a photo session for your mom. There are so many fantastic photographers out there and they all offer packages that work within your budget. You can never go wrong with photos.

Photo credit: Lisa Olohan Photo @lisaolohanphoto


 We hope these ideas help you out as you choose a gift for your mom!

(Or feel free to forward this to anyone you would like to send a little hint-hint).


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