Baby Names Inspired by Country Music

Baby Names Inspired by Country Music

Country music has always played a big part in our lives. Growing up in rural Alberta, it was always around us. I love listening to it and now I am sharing my love for country music with my own family. I have the classic country channel playing on our tv every day. My kids and I often play my dad's old country records as we dance around the living room.


We love country music so much, our son is named Merle (after Merle Haggard). We were looking for a classic name and it had to start with an "M". I had a list of baby names on my phone for years with so many M names on it, but none of them really felt right. 

It wasn't until I was finally pregnant and I was getting the nursery ready for our baby's arrival (we still didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl), when there was an announcement on the local radio station. They were sharing the sad news that Merle Haggard had passed away. Suddenly, my baby started kicking like crazy in my belly and that's when I knew if we were having a boy - we had to name him Merle.

I love his name so much, I decided to come up with a list of my favourite baby names inspired by country music. If you are a big country music fan, you may find this list helpful. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below!  


Aaron, Alan, Allison, Alvin, Anderson, Anne, Arnold, Atkins, Austin, Autry 


Bailey, Barrett, Bellamy, Bentley, Bess, Billy, Blake, Bobbie, Brad, Brantley, Brett, Brice, Brody, Brooks, Buck, Burkes, Byron  



Cam, Carlene, Carlisle, Carolina, Carolyn, Carson, Cash, Carter, Charley, Chet, Chris, Claude, Clay, Clement, Cody, Cohen, Cole, Collins, Conway, Corbin, Craig


Dallas, Dalton, Danielle, Darius, David, Davis, Dean, Deana, Denver, Devin, Dierks, Dolly, Don, Doug, Drew, Dustin, Dwight, Dylan


Earl, Easton, Eddie, Eli, Elle, Elvie, Elvis, Emerson, Emmylou, Eric, Ernest, Everly, Emery


Faith, Faron, Ferlin, Fisher, Florence, Floyd, Forbes, Ford, Forrest, Foster, Frankie, Freddy


Garth, Gayle, Gary, Gene, Gentry, George, Gibson, Gill, Glen, Gord, Graham, Granger, Grayson, Greta, Gretchen



Hailey, Hal, Hank, Hardy, Harley, Harper, Hayes, Henley, Hillary, Holly, Horton, Howard, Hunter


Ian, Ingrid, Irene, Iris, Irving


Jackson, Jake, Jameson, Jamie, Jana, Jason, Jean, Jimmie, Jo Dee, Joe, John, Johnny, Jolene, Josh, Judd, June, Justin


Kacey, Kameron, Kane, Kathy, Keith, Kellie, Kelsea, Kenny, Kip, Kix, Kris


Lainey, Larry, Lauren, Lawrence, LeAnn, Lee, Leroy, Lester, Lila, Lily, Loretta, Lorrie, Luke, Lyle, Lynn


Maddie, Maddox, Malone, Maren, Marty, Mary, Marlowe, Marshall, Martina, Mason, Mattea, Maverick, Maybelle, McGraw, Mel, Memphis, Merle, Mickey, Mindy, Miranda, Mitchel, Moe, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Morris, Murray, Murphy


Naomi, Nash, Natalie, Nate, Neal, Nelson, Niko


Oakley, Olive, Olivia, Opry, Osborne, Otis, Owen


Paisley, Pam, Parker, Patsy, Patty, Paul, Pearl, Porter, Prairie, Presley


Radney, RaeLynn, Ramona, Randy, Ray, Reba, Red, Rhett, Ricky, Riley, Rio, Ritter, Rodney, Roger, Ronnie, Roseanne, Roy, Ruby, Rucker, Russell, Ryman


Sam, Sara, Sawyer, Scotty, Seth, Shania, Silas, Stanley, Stuart, Suzy


Tae, Tammy, Tanya, Taylor, Tebey, Tennessee, Tenille, Terri, Tex, Thomas, Tim, Toby, Trace, Tracy, Travis, Trisha, Ty, Twain, Tucker


Valerie, Van, Vern, Victor, Vince, Violet, Vivian


Wade, Walker, Warner, Watson, Waylon, Webb, Weston, Willie, Wilson, Wynonna


Zac, Zane, Zoe

 I hope you enjoyed this list! Feel free to add more names in the comments below and share with any fellow country music fans!
Terralyn and The Dear Doris Family
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bought something nice from here once, amazing quality! I also love reading the blogs from time too time. from one Albertian to another I hope you have a nice day!

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