Planning a Perfect Summer Picnic

Planning a Perfect Summer Picnic

One of my favourite summer activities is a good ol' fashioned picnic!

I have always loved picnics, ever since my nieces and nephews were little and now I have the chance to experience them with my own kiddos. 

1. The Basket

A great picnic starts with the perfect basket. Thrift stores, antique malls and garage sales are an excellent place to find them. There are also new options that look like a classic picnic basket. As long as it's sturdy and has a good handle - you are good to go!

Here are a few options we have available in our shop...

2. The Blanket 

Once you have the perfect basket, next step is a blanket or tablecloth! There are so many cute options out there - new or vintage. I recently got this picnic blanket from the Jillian Harris x Joe Fresh Collection  and I love it! It's a classic blue and white gingham print with stripes on the other side. So cute!


Another great option is to find an indoor/outdoor tablecloth. I often find them at Home Sense and they make a great picnic blanket because they are easy to wipe/wash and they don't wrinkle. They come in adorable patterns too!


And you can't go wrong with a second-hand quilt! There are so many beautiful ones available at antique shops or thrift stores.

 3. The Menu

 The contents of your picnic basket will be defined by your guests.

Right now, I'm in the kid-friendly stage of picnic menus. There is usually a lot of pre-packaged snacks, fruits, veggies, juice boxes and classic PB & J sandwiches! 

I also love to make a quick batch of lemonade! I pour it into mason jars, pop on the lids and pack it in our basket along with some cute straws. Nothing beats drinking ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day! 

This is the recipe we use...

Classic Lemonade:

- 1 cup lemon juice (freshly squeezed or from concentrate)

- 3/4 - 1 cup of sugar (I add the sugar gradually and taste it so it's not too sweet)

- sliced lemons

- lots of ice

- cold water to fill the pitcher

Take a pitcher and add the lemon juice. Add plenty of ice and fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water. Gradually add the sugar and stir it in. I like to pour a small amount into a glass to taste it as I go, so it's not too sweet (or sour). Add lemon slices and stir well. Serve immediately. 

If I was planning a picnic with friends, I would love to include the following:

- a bottle of wine (of course!)

- a glass bottle of water with cups

- a variety of sliced cheeses 

- crackers and a baguette

- sliced meats (pre-sliced variety pack from Costco is perfect)

- if you're Ukrainian like us, then there will definitely be some kubasa (garlic sausage), honey garlic pepperoni and dry garlic ribs (yes we love our garlic!)

- olives and pickles

- grapes and apples


How good does that sound?

Don't forget some cute napkins and plates too! I love using vintage plates in pretty floral patterns and colourful paper napkins to match. 


4. The Location

The beauty of a picnic is it can happen absolutely anywhere! 

I love a classic spot...under the shade of a tree, in a park or your own backyard.

Or how about a sunset picnic, overlooking a lake or field?

Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic! Life is busy, but if we take a minute to slow down and romanticize it a bit, that's when the magic happens!

Will it always go according to plan? Never! Hahaha - that is how life goes - it's messy and unpredictable - but that is how memories are made. 


One more idea for you! I like to pack a small simple game or a deck of cards to play as we munch away on our food. Our family loves the "Spot It" games (so many different versions of it). You can find it on Amazon, Walmart, Indigo etc. Both of my kiddos (ages 2 and 6) love to play it and us grownups do too! 

I hope you enjoyed this list! 

Do you have a favourite picnic memory? Please share it in the comments below.

I would love to hear all about it!

Have a wonderful summer, everyone! Here's to making memories!


Terralyn and The Dear Doris Family

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