Sharing our Story

Sharing our Story

Dear friends,

This is officially our first blog post! We want to thank you all for being here and for your interest in our online shop named after our beloved grandma...Dear Doris. 

We are The Dear Doris Family - and this business was started by us - Terralyn and Troy. We are a brother and sister team and we have always worked really well together. We have many fond memories growing up together on our farm in rural Lamont County. 

We both share very special memories of our grandma. She was such a kind person, who always taught us to enjoy the simple things in life. She was very creative and always encouraged us to be creative as well. Her well-stocked craft room was something we still dream about. Her cooking was incredible - always simple and delicious. Her love and faith was an inspiration - she loved her family, friends, community and her Lord with all her heart. 

Our journey with Dear Doris began on January 21st, 2015 (on what would have been our grandma's birthday). The business was started as a wedding and event design business with a focus on vintage design. It was our way of honouring our grandma while providing custom event design and vintage rentals to our clients. We designed several weddings and events throughout our rural community and it was always such a great experience working with our clients to tell their story through their events. We were celebrating all things vintage with every wedding and event created!

In 2021, Troy came up with a new business venture for Dear Doris. The business had gone through a difficult time with wedding/event restrictions, so we decided to shift gears. Terralyn had been in the event design industry for 15 years, so she was also ready for a change. It was always a dream of ours to open a home decor store, so Troy came up with the concept of opening an online shop, with the goal of eventually opening a store front.

On June 14th, 2021 (on what would have been our grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary) our online shop was launched! We have curated our collection of home decor with a vintage feel to it all. Each piece we bring into our shop represents our grandma, our family and our life here in rural Alberta. We are telling our story through our collections, and our hope is this will encourage you to tell your story. 

We are currently only online, but we do attend several markets throughout the year. You can always find our market dates listed under our Upcoming Events section on our site. We love meeting all of you in person at these events and we love listening to your stories! 

We do have dreams of opening our storefront, but we want to take things slow. We want the perfect location, the right atmosphere and enough time to make it into what we have always dreamed of. We want the space to be more than just a store. We want it to be a place you can escape to, a place that welcomes you with open arms, a place where you can connect and share your story. We want it to feel like a warm hug from grandma; because to us, there is nothing more comforting.

We thank you for continuing to follow this journey with us! We look forward to all to come with Dear Doris and we know it is because of your love and support our dreams are coming true. Thank you all. 


Terralyn & Troy

and The Dear Doris Family


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