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Two Sips of Coffee Candle

Two Sips of Coffee Candle

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“Stop in for two sips of coffee!”

We would often hear our dad say this to his friends and family. As kids, we loved listening to the stories told around the kitchen table as the grownups gathered together for coffee. That kitchen - with the stories told and the love felt around the table - that to me is the coziest place in my memory.

Now as an adult, I love to gather together with my own friends and family for coffee. It’s where the best laughs are had, the best stories are told and the most comforting of moments are made.

Candle features:

Reminiscent of hot coffee brewed every morning on the farm. This comforting blend features a dark-roast scent with a little hint of something sweet.

16 oz. 100% soy wax candle with 70 + hours of burn time. Proudly made in Canada.

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